By Lucy Nix, dental hygienist at Shelley Manor Dental, Bournemouth

The role of the dental hygienist is to help prevent gum disease by keeping the teeth and gums clean and healthy.

As a dental hygienist I like to treat each patient as an individual. How often a patient sees me is based on their individual needs. Treatment can vary from a simple scale and polish for cosmetic reasons, i.e. staining, to more in depth treatment for those who are suffering from or who have suffered from more advanced gum disease, i.e. periodontitis.

My job is basically to clear away the calculus, also called tartar (i.e. the hard deposits), stain and plaque and show you how to keep them that way.

Individual approach to dental hygiene appointments.

As a hygienist I can provide;

  • Scaling and polishing from simple to advanced cases
  • Hand or ultrasonic scaling with a local anaesthetic  or topical anaesthetic to make treatment more comfortable
  • Instruction on how to clean
  • Help with what products to use – again based on the individual as what’s right for one person may not be right for another
  • Dietary advice
  • Pre- and post-orthodontic scaling
  • Maintain scaling for those who have been under the care of a periodontist or implantologist

You can book in directly with the hygienist without having to register with our dentists (although you are also welcome to book in with him or her if you wish)

To make an appointment call us on Tel. 01202 443882

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