Fluoride Treatment for Children

Our dentist may recommended fluoride treatment for children as a preventive measure against tooth decay. Our hygiene therapist, Vickie paints the fluoride gel / varnish onto the surface of your child’s teeth. Working together with the saliva, the fluoride gel forms a more protective mineral layer on the surface of the teeth, making your child’s teeth more resistant to decay.

Vickie also gives preventative advice on brushing and diet during this appointment.

If your child has a high decay rate repeated applications over 3-6 months may be needed. Your child’s dentist will monitor whether additional fluoride treatments would be beneficial.


Introducing your child to a dental practice

Fluoride treatment is a safe and fun procedure for kids. The nicely flavoured gel is a positive experience for little ones who might be fearful of coming to the dentist. Consequently it’s an ideal first procedure for introducing your child to a dental practice.

The psychological impact of a fun and fear free first experience in a dental surgery cannot be underestimated. It may well set your child up with a positive attitude towards caring for their teeth.

Shelley Manor Dental offers free dental check-ups to children (under 18s) of registered patients.

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