Fissure Sealants for Children

Dentists often recommend fissure sealants for children as a preventative measure against inadequate tooth brushing. This leads to staining and possibly decay and dental cavities.

Back teeth or molars have cusps and deep grooves called ‘fissures’. Children often don’t brush thoroughly enough, because they are little and tooth brushing can be boring! However as a result these fissures can get food particles trapped in them. These trapped food particles feed bacteria in the mouth. The bacteria then turns these food bits into acid which dissolves parts of the teeth. This is what causes dental cavities.

A good way to prevent the food getting trapped in the fissures, and thus preventing cavities is to seal the fissure with a white filling material. The dentist may recommend fissure sealants for that your children. This is a very quick, easy and painless procedure that Vickie, our experienced therapist will be happy to carry out.

Some people don’t have particularly groovy teeth so fissure sealants are not always necessary. An early sign that you might need sealants is if your grooves / fissures are getting stained. This treatment can also be recommended for adults, as some people’s teeth have quite pronounced fissures and are prone to staining.

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