There are many cosmetic procedures you can have to improve your smile, but teeth whitening is one of the quickest, safest, and most cost effective ways to improve your smile, provided your teeth are suitable for the procedure. We use the Philips ZOOM! teeth whitening system in our surgery.

Take advantage of our special price of only £295!

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Philips ZOOM! Home Tray Whitening

We are offering this procedure using this top premium brand, Philips Zoom!

This procedure involves 2 short appointments

  1. First appointment (15 minutes) with a dental professional to assess your suitability for teeth whitening. If your teeth and gums are healthy, i.e. no cavities or gum disease, we will take impressions of your teeth, which then go to our dental lab where custom-made whitening trays will be made.
  2. Second appointment (15 minutes) is scheduled a week later where we will fit your trays and give you instruction on how to whiten your teeth at home with Philips ZOOM! 
Teeth Whitening bournemouth

Advantages of  ‘Home Tray Whitening’

  • Longest lasting results
  • Gentlest method minimising sensitivity
  • Reusable trays
  1. Home tray whitening provides the best and longest lasting results, because the repeated whitening sessions penetrate to the deepest levels of your teeth and remove deep staining.
  2. Importantly home tray whitening is the gentlest way to whiten your teeth; you are in control over how many bleaching sessions you undertake to achieve the shade you want. As with any product containing bleach there is the possibility that your teeth and gums may become sensitive. If you notice that your teeth or gums are feeling a bit sensitive after a few sessions, simply skip a day or two and then continue.
  3. An advantage of Home Tray whitening is that you can reuse your bleaching trays. If you’d like to repeat the procedure in 12-18 months, you can buy replacement gel syringes from us, so keep your custom-made whitening trays safe!
teeth whitening bournemouth

Our Six ‘Top Tips’

Follow these steps for best results when whitening your teeth
  1. Visit the hygienist first! This will remove any hard stains or surface plaque on the teeth ensuring a nice smooth surface on your teeth for the bleaching gel to work. Now you can start your home whitening.
  2. Dry your teeth before putting in the whitening trays (also called bleaching trays). Saliva has peroxidase enzymes which inhibit the action of the bleach.
  3. Load trays correctly. Check that the gel corresponds to the front of the teeth. Only your dentist will notice if you have whitened the rear surface of your teeth!
  4. Always have custom made whitening trays fitted by a dental professional.  If you have not whitened them for a while recap the technique with your dentist on your next check-up.
  5. Avoid food and drink that is highly coloured in between bleaching sessions, such as curry, red wine, coffee….
  6. Be patient. In most cases it can take up to ten days to two weeks to get the desired shade for your teeth. Give yourself a few rest days if your teeth are becoming a bit sensitive.  Note:  control any tooth sensitivity you may have by wearing the trays loaded with toothpaste for a few hours!

Tooth Contouring

Sometimes our dentist recommends Tooth Contouring in conjunction with Teeth Whitening. For more information click Tooth Contouring 

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  • I couldn’t have had a more caring & kind person to treat me

    After a disastrous experience, of being left with implants, half completed, by a very unprofessional dental surgeon!!  I visited Shelley Manor Dental Practice, by sheer chance, everyone was so kind, & understanding,Tim Doyle continued my treatment, & the outcome is brilliant, I couldn’t have had a more caring, & kind person to treat me, Tim went over, & above what was needed.  Moreover, I am so pleased that the work was completed by Tim, as the results are amazing. I would highly recommend him, especially for the very nervous, like myself.


    Cathy Gazeley, November 2018

  • recommend Shelley Manor Dental

    I can highly recommend Shelley Manor Dental...

    ...practice as exemplary. Dr Tim Doyle and hygienist Vicky have transformed my dental health to a very high standard since I joined the practice in 2017.

    Mrs P. Davison, May 2018

  • Very gentle, kind and understanding

    Very gentle, kind and understanding...

    Very gentle, kind and understanding as I am a little claustrophobic. Matt and his nurse take time and I never feel under pressure or rushed. I can't recommend Matt enough.

    Mrs Clowsley, April 2018

  • More than satisfied

    More than satisfied

    I can see why Shelley Manor Dental have Matt at their practice. I am very happy to have Matt look after me in the future. I would happily recommend him.

    Mr Todd, March 2018

  • I highly recommend the practice

    Shelley Manor Dental provide a personal patient-centred approach to their treatment plans accommodating individual preferences and budgets! I came to see Tim after years of extensive dental work and implants. Tim has restored my teeth to a natural looking smile, whilst also considering the longevity of his treatment, my "bite", and overall what I wanted as a final outcome. The team have been friendly and approachable and I highly recommend the practice.

    Anita (a nurse-teacher)

  • “Must be the gentlest hygiene session I’ve ever experienced”

    "Must be the gentlest hygiene session I've ever experienced, whether due to new technology or care of the hygienist I'm not sure but my teeth feel/look great now. I've booked my next session already. Old mansion house, first floor and renovation work in progress and new equipment getting fitted as I write this. Parking also available "

    David Fraser, July 2017

  • A pleasure!

    If you want to make a trip to the dentist a pleasure, come here for first class professional treatment at Shelley Manor.

    Mrs I. Bowden, November 2017

  • The team here are very friendly, caring and professional

    The team here are very friendly, caring and professional. Mr Doyle is the best dentist I've seen. I am so please I came here.

    S. Sadler, December 2017

  • Other dentists could not get to the bottom of my problem

    I suffered pain in my jaw for many years and I had worn down my lower teeth. I also suffered from related headaches. Other dentists could not get to the bottom of my problem. I was referred to an NHS dental specialist but I was told it was not possible to do anything for me.

    Tim Doyle was the first person to tell me he was able to help. He diagnosed a temporomandibular joint disorder. To start with he referred me for physiotherapy on my head, jaw and face over the course of several months. Then in stages he replaced my lower teeth with crowns and bridges. I am very pleased with my end result and I have teeth that I can eat with. Aesthetically my teeth look better, and my headaches are much less frequent.

    Margit M. (March 2014)

  • No need for improvements!

    Lovely and friendly with a fantastic result. Can't thank the team enough!

    Niamh K.F. June 2014

  • Excellent!

    Apart from the injection, I actually enjoyed the rest. I nearly fell asleep!! Thank you to the team.

    Mrs M. D., July 2014

  • This is a really good dental practice…

    ...and I thoroughly recommend it. Tim Doyle is not only first class in what he does, he is a good communicator and is especially concerned about the needs and feelings of his patients.
    Also the support staff are friendly and supportive, including Sharon who runs the office. 
    I have come to Tim from an NHS dental practice, but have not found much difference in charges. His practice is modern and very well equipped. I really like being able to see any x-ray details, immediately available and while you sit in the chair.
    It is all extremely good and highly professional.

    M.Jay   November 2014

  • I will be forever grateful

    I moved from the Midlands and first used Shelly Manor Dentist in 2011. I wanted to make my teeth more aesthetically pleasing as I have knocked my front teeth out after a cycling accident and the old caps were looking sad.
    Tim was fantastic and between us we worked out a cost effective way of making my smile much nicer. I had veneers on all my upper teeth to match up the colour and was thrilled! Thank you Tim and Nuala, I will be forever grateful.

    Samantha J Hudson

  • Scared of the dentist? Visit Mr Tim Doyle at Shelley Manor Dental

    As someone who had struggled with an irrational fear of the dentist since childhood, I was delighted to discover Shelley Manor Dental, a private dental practice owned and run by Mr Tim Doyle and his wife, Nuala.

    Based in Shelley Manor Medical Centre, with easy parking and modern consulting rooms, this practice offers a range of services including those provided by a wonderfully sensitive hygienist named Eddie.

    On every visit, I have been made to feel at ease. I am rarely kept waiting for more than a minute or two (important when your instinct is to run away!), and I'm always greeted with a warm welcome. Especially from Natalie, the lovely Dental Nurse.

    Tim's calm, open and friendly approach makes it easy to relax once 'in the chair'. He knows his stuff, explains everything clearly and his obvious enthusiasm for his subject is infectious. Who knew that photos of an 'upper right 7' could be so interesting?

    I will shortly be moving to Bath but, having found this gem of a dentist after ten years of searching for someone who did not make me feel foolish, I fully intend to remain a patient of Shelley Manor Dental for a long time to come.

    Thank you Tim, Nuala, Natalie and Eddie for a first-class service.

    W. Michie, October 2015

  • I was happy to find Tim Doyle

    After trying many different dental practices I was happy to find Tim Doyle. His work is excellent and he has done a lot of work on my teeth to make them look better. I would be happy to recommend him and regularly do.

    Miss S. Hendy

  • Thanks so much for your great work

    Dear Shelley Manor Team,

    Thanks so much for your great work.

    After avoiding dentists for most of my adult life due to 'dental phobia' brought on by extensive treatment in childhood, I finally researched 'dentists' on the internet. The Shelley Manor website sounded perfect with the link to the lovely Debbie at Bournemouth Cognitive Behaviour. After emailing her and a short series of meetings she 'held my hand' and introduced me to Tim and the dental team. I have now had a course of treatment in a wonderfully calm, friendly environment free from pain or stress. I can recommend their services to anyone.

    Richard R. October 2016

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