New patients welcome

We are currently registering new patients.  Avail of our ‘Spring Special’ new patient consultation price of £50.

We can book you in for a new patient consultation with one of our dentists, Tim or Matt, over the phone on 01202 443882. If you would prefer to visit our practice before making an appointment, our receptionist Sharon would be very happy to answer any queries you may have.

note: at the time of booking your new patient consultation we take a £20 deposit, which can be paid in person or by card over the phone.


What to expect at your ‘new patient consultation’ with your dentist.

The new patient consultation is a comprehensive appointment, giving you plenty of time to meet your new dentist and discuss any dental queries you have with him.

You will need to complete a registration form when you arrive at reception that includes your medical history details. If you are taking any medication please let us know. This information is confidential and is solely for use by your dentist or hygienist. We ask for your contact details such as address, telephone numbers and email address, so that we can contact patients only to remind them of their appointments and send useful information about their treatments. If you would prefer to complete this form at home before your consultation, you can download it here:

New Patient Registration Form

At your new patient consultation your dentist will take a full charting of your teeth, which simply involves counting your teeth and fillings. He will measure your gums around each tooth with a ‘perio probe’. This is important in order to check for any areas of gum disease.

Some routine x-rays will need to be taken in order to check areas that cannot be seen by the dentist such as bone levels, decay under fillings, teeth that haven’t come through yet and previous dental work such as root fillings.  We have 2 types of x-ray.

i) Bite-wing x-rays are taken with a small tab which a patient bites to hold the x-ray sensor in place in their mouth.These are included free of charge at your new patient consultation.

ii) A full pan-oral scan be may required for full diagnostic benefit using our new Carestream scanner. There will be an additional charge of £40 for this service. Certain nervous patients prefer the pan-oral scanner as they do not need to have any an x-ray sensor in their mouth (the scanner simply moves around your head).

You don’t need to bring your clinical notes or x-rays from a previous dentist. Your new dentist will need to make a full assessment of his own, and it is recommended that x-rays be re-taken every 2 years to monitor changes in your teeth over time. We sometimes take close-up photos of your teeth and gums to show and discuss with you during your appointment.

Once we have completed the examination your dentist will highlight any areas that need attention. We will discuss different options and talk you through our findings. We believe that this is one of the most important aspects of the appointment. Patients need to be fully informed about their options and understand what is going on in their mouths. That is the best way to build confidence and meet patients expectations properly. If further treatment is needed you will also receive a detailed estimate of proposed treatment.

If you are considering cosmetic treatment and are exploring ways to enhance the look of your teeth and smile, your dentist will discuss your expectations with you about what you would like to achieve. He will explain the various options open to you from tooth whitening to a full smile makeover. We can provide you with patient finance if required.

We look forward to hearing from you! Call us on 01202 443882, or email

We also have a practice plan for our patients called Denplan Essentials which will offer you savings on your routine dental examinations, hygiene appointments and bite-wing x-rays plus a 10% discount on treatments, supplementary dental insurance and priority for emergency appointments.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment

Please give us 48 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment so we can allocate your appointment to another patient. Penalty fees for missed appointments or short notice cancellations are applied to your account to cover surgery running and staff costs.

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    I highly recommend the practice

    Shelley Manor Dental provide a personal patient-centred approach to their treatment plans accommodating individual preferences and budgets! I came to see Tim after years of extensive dental work and implants. Tim has restored my teeth to a natural looking smile, whilst also considering the longevity of his treatment, my "bite", and overall what I wanted as a final outcome. The team have been friendly and approachable and I highly recommend the practice.

    Anita (a nurse-teacher)

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    “Must be the gentlest hygiene session I’ve ever experienced”

    "Must be the gentlest hygiene session I've ever experienced, whether due to new technology or care of the hygienist I'm not sure but my teeth feel/look great now. I've booked my next session already. Old mansion house, first floor and renovation work in progress and new equipment getting fitted as I write this. Parking also available "

    David Fraser, July 2017

  • 1

    A pleasure!

    If you want to make a trip to the dentist a pleasure, come here for first class professional treatment at Shelley Manor.

    Mrs I. Bowden, November 2017

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    The team here are very friendly, caring and professional

    The team here are very friendly, caring and professional. Mr Doyle is the best dentist I've seen. I am so please I came here.

    S. Sadler, December 2017

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    Other dentists could not get to the bottom of my problem

    I suffered pain in my jaw for many years and I had worn down my lower teeth. I also suffered from related headaches. Other dentists could not get to the bottom of my problem. I was referred to an NHS dental specialist but I was told it was not possible to do anything for me.

    Tim Doyle was the first person to tell me he was able to help. He diagnosed a temporomandibular joint disorder. To start with he referred me for physiotherapy on my head, jaw and face over the course of several months. Then in stages he replaced my lower teeth with crowns and bridges. I am very pleased with my end result and I have teeth that I can eat with. Aesthetically my teeth look better, and my headaches are much less frequent.

    Margit M. (March 2014)

  • 1

    No need for improvements!

    Lovely and friendly with a fantastic result. Can't thank the team enough!

    Niamh K.F. June 2014

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    Apart from the injection, I actually enjoyed the rest. I nearly fell asleep!! Thank you to the team.

    Mrs M. D., July 2014

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    This is a really good dental practice…

    ...and I thoroughly recommend it. Tim Doyle is not only first class in what he does, he is a good communicator and is especially concerned about the needs and feelings of his patients.
    Also the support staff are friendly and supportive, including Sharon who runs the office. 
    I have come to Tim from an NHS dental practice, but have not found much difference in charges. His practice is modern and very well equipped. I really like being able to see any x-ray details, immediately available and while you sit in the chair.
    It is all extremely good and highly professional.

    M.Jay   November 2014

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    I will be forever grateful

    I moved from the Midlands and first used Shelly Manor Dentist in 2011. I wanted to make my teeth more aesthetically pleasing as I have knocked my front teeth out after a cycling accident and the old caps were looking sad.
    Tim was fantastic and between us we worked out a cost effective way of making my smile much nicer. I had veneers on all my upper teeth to match up the colour and was thrilled! Thank you Tim and Nuala, I will be forever grateful.

    Samantha J Hudson

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    Scared of the dentist? Visit Mr Tim Doyle at Shelley Manor Dental

    As someone who had struggled with an irrational fear of the dentist since childhood, I was delighted to discover Shelley Manor Dental, a private dental practice owned and run by Mr Tim Doyle and his wife, Nuala.

    Based in Shelley Manor Medical Centre, with easy parking and modern consulting rooms, this practice offers a range of services including those provided by a wonderfully sensitive hygienist named Eddie.

    On every visit, I have been made to feel at ease. I am rarely kept waiting for more than a minute or two (important when your instinct is to run away!), and I'm always greeted with a warm welcome. Especially from Natalie, the lovely Dental Nurse.

    Tim's calm, open and friendly approach makes it easy to relax once 'in the chair'. He knows his stuff, explains everything clearly and his obvious enthusiasm for his subject is infectious. Who knew that photos of an 'upper right 7' could be so interesting?

    I will shortly be moving to Bath but, having found this gem of a dentist after ten years of searching for someone who did not make me feel foolish, I fully intend to remain a patient of Shelley Manor Dental for a long time to come.

    Thank you Tim, Nuala, Natalie and Eddie for a first-class service.

    W. Michie, October 2015

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    I was happy to find Tim Doyle

    After trying many different dental practices I was happy to find Tim Doyle. His work is excellent and he has done a lot of work on my teeth to make them look better. I would be happy to recommend him and regularly do.

    Miss S. Hendy

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    Thanks so much for your great work

    Dear Shelley Manor Team,

    Thanks so much for your great work.

    After avoiding dentists for most of my adult life due to 'dental phobia' brought on by extensive treatment in childhood, I finally researched 'dentists' on the internet. The Shelley Manor website sounded perfect with the link to the lovely Debbie at Bournemouth Cognitive Behaviour. After emailing her and a short series of meetings she 'held my hand' and introduced me to Tim and the dental team. I have now had a course of treatment in a wonderfully calm, friendly environment free from pain or stress. I can recommend their services to anyone.

    Richard R. October 2016

Shelley Manor Dental
Shelley Manor Dental is a private dental practice and hygiene clinic set up by Dr Tim Doyle in 2010. We are dedicated to delivering a high quality dental and hygiene service.