Direct Access means you no longer need to be registered with a dentist to see our hygienist. The General Dental Council made a ruling in 2013 on “Direct access to hygiene services” that changed the protocol about visiting a hygienist. You can now book in to our hygiene clinic at Shelley Manor Dental without needing a referral from a dentist.  

‘Walk In’ Hygiene Clinic

By ‘walk in’ clinic we mean you can call us and make an appointment to see our hygienist without seeing one of our dentists. If you are visiting our hygienist for the first time on a ‘direct access’ basis, our receptionist will ask you a few questions to find out what your expectations are. This will determine the length of time she recommends for your hygiene appointment. Some patients book in for a one-off appointment to ‘freshen up’ for a special occasion and want their teeth to be sparkly and clean! Other patients visit our hygiene clinic with the intention of attending regularly, because their own nhs dental practice does not provide a hygienist service.

Possible gum problems?

If you haven’t been to a hygienist for a long time and you suspect you might have gum problems, our receptionist might recommend that you book in for an extended initial appointment. This extended appointment is so that our hygienist, Vickie, can carry out a full charting of your teeth and gums and have sufficient time to get to know you and explain her findings. The cost for this extended 45 minute appointment is £90. You may however prefer to book in for a standard 30 minute appointment. Depending on Vickie’s findings she may advise you to return for further appointments so she can thoroughly clean your teeth and gums. She will over the course of a few appointments get your oral health to a stable level from which she and you can then commence to build a good routine for your oral healthcare. Please note that depending on her findings, the hygienist may advise that you see a dentist for a complete picture of your overall dental health.  

Registration and Medical History Details

When you first visit, the receptionist will give you a registration form to fill out that includes questions about your medical history. If you are taking any medication please make sure to let us know. This information is confidential and is solely for use by your hygienist. Please be aware that to get a complete picture of your overall dental health, you need to see a dentist.

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