Improving your smile with Tooth Contouring

Sometimes patients come into us looking to improve the aesthetic appearance of their teeth, but aren’t quite sure what the best course of action is. Often there is very little wrong with their teeth – they are straight, they are healthy, but the patient is not quite happy with how they look and wants to make some improvement. Often in these instances the dentist can see that the patient would benefit greatly from two relatively simple procedures, teeth whitening followed by tooth contouring. This can make a dramatic improvement to the look of a patient’s smile.

For more information on teeth whitening click on the following link, Teeth Whitening.

Tooth Contouring

Tooth contouring (or Teeth Contouring) is a very quick and easy, pain free procedure that can make a subtle improvement to your smile, assuming your teeth are suited to this procedure. It involves shaping the front teeth slightly, smoothing over jagged edges and rounding corners.

Sometimes we add a small amount of white filling to an edge of a tooth to help achieve a nice result. Great care is taken to match the shade exactly. We will not carry out the procedure if it involves removal of too much tissue. Indeed in these cases contouring would not be suitable treatment anyhow.


We carry out a full range of cosmetic procedures at Shelley Manor Dental ranging from Teeth whitening and tooth contouring as outlined above, to veneers, crowns, bridges and implants.

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