We are a friendly, family-run private dental practice and hygiene clinic in Southbourne, established by local dentist Tim Doyle in 2010. Our caring team are dedicated to delivering quality general and cosmetic dentistry in a calm, relaxed environment. We book longer appointment times so we can carefully listen to your needs and recommend treatment options that are appropriate for you.

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General Dental Care

Cosmetic Dentistry

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We offer a full range of high quality dentistry services to address any dental problems you might be experiencing. We provide all general dentistry services such as simple and surgical extractions (for example, for wisdom teeth) , white fillings, root canal treatment, crowns and bridges.

Dentures have vastly improved over the years, and we offer a wide range of dentures, including dentures on implants. Read more on Dentures

We also advise on and offer tailored treatments to deal with the symptoms of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) or ‘jaw joint’ disorder, such as headaches, neck stiffness, jaw and facial pain. This can be the result of tooth loss, misaligned jaws and tooth grinding or clenching. Read more on TMJ disorder

All our lab work is made to the highest industry standards in the UK.


We are great believers in preventive dentistry and establishing a good oral health routine is key to keeping your teeth and gums healthy over the long term.

Our two gentle but thorough dental hygienists offer a range of hygiene services from a regular ‘clean & polish’ every six months , to concentrated courses of appointments focused on periodontal treatment. We also offer orthodontic cleaning for patients wearing braces. Read more about our Hygiene Clinic 

You also don’t need to be registered at our practice to book in with one of our hygienists. Read about Direct Access to hygienist services


At Shelley Manor Dental we appreciate the importance of an attractive smile and the confidence that can bring.
Our cosmetic treatments include everything from teeth whitening, teeth straightening, teeth contouring and veneers to full smile makeovers.

Our dentist Tim Doyle is a Full Member of the British Academy for Cosmetic Dentistry, (BACD). For further information on cosmetic dentistry, you can read more on here, BACD


Implants can be life changing from both the aesthetic or functional perspective. You can replace an unsightly gap in your smile or to replace a key tooth involved in chewing with an implant. You can have single or multiple implants placed here in Shelley Manor Dental provided you are suitable for dental implants.

We offer FREE consultations with our experienced visiting implant surgeon Philip McCauley who places implants in Shelley Manor on Fridays.



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