Gift Vouchers for dental treatment

Are you stuck for gift ideas for your friends or family? Often it’s hard to buy gifts for people as many people often already have everything they want. You need to be very innovative to come up with an idea for a good gift. Do you know someone who would love to have tooth whitening but can’t afford it? Have you considered gift vouchers for dental treatment?

Giving dental gift vouchers is probably not something you ever thought about, but it is worth considering, especially if know the person you are buying for really well. Dentistry is after all a very personal treatment.

Not all dentistry services are suited to gift vouchers but have you ever considered paying for someone to have teeth whitening? This is quite popular with our existing patients and many have bought vouchers for teeth whitening for their partners. A treatment with the hygienist is another service that you could gift to someone.

Please note that if for whatever reason the person receiving the vouchers can’t use the vouchers we will offer you a full refund – no questions asked!

You can now purchase gift vouchers at Shelley Manor Dental starting at £10. Call us on 01202 443882 for further details.

Go on, put a smile on someone’s face!

Call us on 01202 443882 for a novel gift idea.

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