We have recently installed a brand new x-ray machine at Shelley Manor Dental that can take 2-d and 3-d X-rays. The Carestream 8100 3D is a state of the art digital scanner that can take x-rays of the entire jaw.

This new scanner improves our ability to:

  • screen for oral cancer and other jaw lesions
  • improve the accuracy of diagnostics and treatment planning (eg. for implants and root canal treatments)
  • take x-rays for nervous patients* who don’t like having the more common ‘bitewing’ x-ray sensor in their mouth

*Nervous patients who don’t like having an x-ray sensor in their mouth, due to it being uncomfortable or causing gagging, can now have a non-invasive scan done. They simply stand in the scanner and it then moves quietly around the head taking the x-ray externally.

The 3D function allows us to safely visualise safe and controlled implant placement and also improve the assessment of teeth having root canal treatment and gum treatment.

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