Teeth whitening – or teeth bleaching – is one of the simplest and least invasive ways to improve the look of your teeth and your smile.
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It involves two short appointments. It is a very simple and pain free procedure.

1.The first appointment will involve taking an impression of your upper and lower teeth.

2. At the second appointment (one week later) we fit your custom-made trays and show you how to use the bleaching gel. It normally takes about a 5 – 7 days to brighten up your smile.

You might experience some temporary sensitivity of your teeth. This is not always the case but if so, it generally only lasts a day or so with cold.

What is great about having your own custom-made whitening/bleaching trays is that after a year or so you can refresh your smile by repeating the procedure.  You can buy the gel syringes from us at £20.00 (price valid at April 2015)

Top tips for best teeth whitening results.

Note: Front fillings or false teeth will not bleach like natural teeth so they may need renewal. This would be need to be checked by the dentist or hygienist before any bleaching is done so that you know what to expect.

For optimum results we recommend that before you have your teeth whitened, you should visit the dental hygienist first to remove surface stains and deposits.

If these solid deposits are not removed prior to commencing whitening treatment the whitening gel cannot get to the smooth tooth surface under these solid deposits. This therefore limits the effectiveness of the tooth whitening process, as only the surfaces of your teeth free from such deposits lighten up nicely.

Teeth Whitening Only £295

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