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Bleeding gums. My gums bleed when I brush them – Is that ok?

“No not really! But don’t worry it is an easy problem to solve. It is important to understand first why your gums bleed.

Gums are attached to your teeth at the gumline. Bad bacteria that exist in plaque break down the tissue that attaches your gum to your teeth. When you brush this area the disturbance will naturally trigger some bleeding. However, it is important to brush this area thoroughly to remove the plaque which is causing the problem in the first place. Once the plaque has been removed regularly enough for a long enough time then the gums will be able to heal properly. Use of an antibacterial mouthwash for this period helps too. Once healed and healthy, the gums will no longer bleed. Indeed the gum is a type of skin which actually toughens up in response to heavy brushing over time.

So sometimes we need to brush through the bleeding for a few weeks in order to cure bleeding gums.

Normally bleeding gums are eliminated after a period of thorough brushing. However, if the problem persists then you may need some advice from your dentist or a hygienist on how to brush effectively. A professional assessment and course of cleaning is often a great way to deal with areas of the mouth with more advanced gum problems.

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