How do I fill the gap?

Don’t panic! Modern dental techniques mean this is an easily solved problem! There are many ways to restore a smile to its best.

Dental Bridges

Assuming you don’t want to wear a denture the quickest and most cost effective method to fill a gap is to make a dental bridge.

This is a false tooth that is glued in using the teeth next to the gap to support it. Sometimes it is best to make some adjustments to these adjacent teeth so that it slots into place. This makes the bridge stronger than just relying on glue alone. Bridges can vary in design and your dentist will discuss the best design with you. Example of ‘Bridge’ case.


Dental Implants

A dental implant is the treatment of choice to fill a gap, as it does not affect neighbouring teeth, and is a very stable long-term solution, provided;

1. you are ‘suitable’ for implants, i.e. you have good bone levels, healthy gums
2. you are committed to taking care of your implants, i.e. meticulous cleaning of your implants, regular hygienist visits

We offer free initial consultations with our visiting implant surgeon. We also have interest free finance available to help you spread the cost of your implant treatment over a longer period.

What is involved in having an implant?

The experience of having a dental implant is similar to having a small filling done. You are numbed up and you will notice some vibration from a dental hand piece. It is important to place the implant correctly so in planning your treatment we will need to take a 3D x-ray prior to placement of the implant. If there has been some loss of bone due to infection then some bone will need to be added and time allowed for healing. This is a relatively simple procedure and well worth it to get the best results.  Once the implant is in position we can fit a new tooth to it (i.e. the implant crown).

Note: all our premium quality crowns, bridges, veneers and implants are crafted in the UK to the highest industry standards.

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